It’s not ours, it’s our turn
— Doug Duren, Land Conservationist


A long time ago, had the Chinese thought about conserving enough land for their future, they wouldn't be in the position they are now with food, water & fiber scarcity being a matter of national security. We're fortunate as Americans, especially as Wisconsinites to have that example to learn from. Now is your chance to preserve Wisconsin's abundant natural landscapes for future generations to enjoy when it's their turn.


10% of sales on this site are donated to Wisconsin land conservancies. Wisconsin is home to many land conservancies who are qualified by the IRS to hold your conservation easement. A conservation easement is a land-preserving tax-saving tool that lets the landowner give up (or limit) certain rights (usually rights to build & subdivide) in exchange for a tax write-off that is measured by a "qualified" valuation of the easement.

certified Easement appraisals

We are certified to perform appraisals in the State of Wisconsin and "qualified" with the Internal Revenue Service. We're well-acquainted with these unique assignments. The land conservancy partners and landowners we've worked with will attest to the quality and professionalism of our work. Order an appraisal.